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Uhmm, Its simply beacuse of NEWS :D But! when I first became fan of them i still don't have lj but! i'm already downloading news video reading their magazine interviews here  but when my friend share some interview of news here in lj i can't read it because its for friends only that's why i decide to join lj... that's all :DDD

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English is not my mother tongue, so i'm sorry for my English i understand well but I speak it not so well


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Umareta koto deateta koto mo
Ima soba ni ireru koto mo arigatou
KOYAMA no happy birthday ichinen ni ichido no mahou tokubetsu na hi.


Hello! :) Tomorrow is our NATIONAL ACHIEVEMENT TEST what is that? read this: en.wikipilipinas.org/index.php and Next Week is already our exam but eventhough our exam is already next weeeek, our teachers still give us many homeworks WTF! this week is our completion of our clearance, of course, students who will not be able to finish their clearance will not take exam unless they finish it. After the week of our exam that is already the last week  of my 2nd Year High School and I'm already 3rd year student on June. And the only things that we will going to do that week is our final clearance, if we're not able to finish that we can't get our report card and we will not be able to enroll for the next school year. I'm so happy because our summer vacation is almost here~ mygoodd! Speaking of summer, every summer my family and I always go to SINGAPORE to spend our vacation and to be with my dad but apparently, we will not go  this year because my sister has a thesis and my dad will buy a car for my sister! We are Permanent Residence in Singapore that's why we are allowed to stay their for a month (we always stayed in Singapore for 2 or 3 months) I think we are also allowed to stay their for a year? i'm not sure. And if my sister has no  thesis and if my dad will not buy a car we will also go to Hong Kong or Malaysia but because of that we will not go anymore, maybe we will go their  next time. well~ I'm not that sad because we will  already have a car here in Philippines. We have a car but the car is owned by my father in Singapore.

I'll be on hiatus (fangirling) starting on saturday until on thursday for our exam, after that I can already stalk our dear boys all day long. And I can already watch doramas until morning. Uwaaaaaa! I really love vacation~

PS: Sorry for my english :)

Sorry if this entry will pop to your friends page with the date of march08 the reason is I noticed earlier that this entry is for private only. (March 19, 2011)
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Ahhhh, I'm currently watching KOIZORA THE DRAMA (i'm watching it in  youtube) and I'm already ep6 part3 I will continue watching it after my exam!

OKAY! On monday it's already our exam until wednesday. The subjects that I am going to take on Monday are BIOLOGY,  ASIAN HISTORY and VALUES on Tuesday  TECHNOLOGY AND LIVELIHOOD EDUCATION, ENGLISH, CLE, HEALTH on Wednesday MATH, FILIPINO and COMPUTER.  We did practical test in MUSIC, ARTS, PHYSICAL EDUCATION and ELECTIVE that's why we will not study those subjects anymore YAY! buuuut  eventhough its practical test its hard, I TELL YOU!! and on  the brighter side after my exam it's already our Christmas Party and after that it's already our vacation until January 5. That's why I will study hard to make my grades better more!

ALWAYS REMEMBER: Even if I don't update my livejournal regularly I'm always active and I'm always visiting my livejournal friends page. Speaking of exam! I'll be Hiatus starting tomorrow until wednesday :)   That all~ SAYONARA!

I'am His New Fan


Hai, I am the new fan of Junpei, I already declared to myself that I am his new fan. I saw him in BUZZER BEAT. Shuji Hatano is his name in Buzzer Beat and he is the boyfriend of Mai. :DD Junpei is also in Hana Kimi. His name is Saga Kazume :) He's kakkoi ne? :D Weeeeeeee~ September is already coming I like it! YATTA!!